27 April, 2011

Wednesday ...

First day of classes after spring break.
Last day of fooling around and taking things easy.
A few days ago, thinking, talking out loud -- I thought of a few things, and sent
out a few emails.  They came back with fantastic news.
I'd like to find myself a little job, just to make enough to buy myself a little fortune.
If I could just hold on until about a little less than another month, I might get the little
job I've been looking for.  It's all in the positive thinking.

Right now, I wanted to record the moment.
Right now, I feel completely at peace with myself, with my thoughts - with my uncertain
brilliant future.

I just wanted to let you know, I'm not afraid.
I'll just be taking advice from the Unicorn Queen instead of crazy sharks.

25 April, 2011

I'll come back, for the one ... that ONE that got away


I have been awake since 3am, this is what happens

I'm ready for a delicious breakfast to take on the day.
I'm heading to the city later and I'm going shopping.
That is very strange for me to say because I haven't actually done it in such a long time.
Considering that I shop like a maniac, you would think that I would take better care of myself, but
no no - I have not been paying attention to my own dreams  - I've just be focused on starting a million projects and not completing any of them.  I'm so tired of that ... it's going to be over ... and it starts today.

How many times have I said it?
How many times have I told myself to get up and quit slacking - well that day is today.
Right now, begins the first day of the rest of my life.
It already started, it started when I woke up (ready to take on the world) at 3 am today.

I think I had my wakeup call about 10pm last night.
THIS IS SO WEIRD TO SAY! I know exactly when the change began, and I can already see
the consequences that this entire domino effect will take on my life, on my thoughts, on my feelings.
Just like that, I feel more comfortable, and confident with myself than I have ever had -- ever.

Thanks baby Jesus for another day, another day I can make a change.

23 April, 2011


I'm a soldier from the Revolution

There is so much I have to do.  Creating a magazine is the most intense amount of work I have ever put into anything.  I've been working on it for about three years give or take, and I still can't complete anything worthy of publishing.  I feel tired, wounded - but I just have to keep pushing forward.  I just have to do it.

I want to do everything.
But  I have to start by making something great and actually completing it.
No sweat right, just a few more years.

The idea came to me, and I haven't let it go since -
that's what matters - never letting go.


Feathered Victorian Shawl

I would absolutely love to wear this.  How gorgeous is this?


Chevrolet by goat karma
Chevrolet, a photo by goat karma on Flickr.

Wohoo, Tourist shot! by goat karma
Wohoo, Tourist shot!, a photo by goat karma on Flickr.

20 April, 2011

18 April, 2011

In search of The Golden Age

For the first time in a long time, I can sit alone in my room -- alone with my thoughts.
Just my music, my Sobranies & freshly brewed French press - my room smells of Paris in the 20's.
I haven't been able to find the record I've been looking for - for what feels like an eternity, and I think I'm gonna have to go to Denmark to find it.  Furthermore, I have wrapped myself in Rimbaud and there is nothing more magical than his words pressed on to the sheets of an old book.

I dreamed of a green night with dazzled snows,
Kisses climbing slowly to the eyes of the seas,
The circulation of uheard-of saps
And the yellow-blue dawn of singing phosphorus! 

Lettre du voyant (Arthur Rimbaud)

His lonely romantic words ring in my thoughts, as if  myself were writing them.
Me thinks after Denmark, I'll visit France again, but this time solely in memory of his memories.

The Disco Club!!

"Tony Stone"

"Tony Stone, Beyond the Hype" on LB INTERVIEWS: "Exclusive interview with Tony Stone on LOOKBOOK.nu."

"Beyond the Hype"

"Olivia Harrison, Beyond the Hype" on LB INTERVIEWS: "Exclusive interview with Olivia Harrison on LOOKBOOK.nu."

17 April, 2011

Leaving --

Gallery Opening

Where I was - and where we are

I was talking with Andrew yesterday, when we were having brunch at our favorite diner.
We went to such a cool event, it was different, but more than anything it symbolized our maturity, and our refinement in taste, or at least I think it does, well to me it does.
From a while to now you see, we've been listening to vinyl records.  I started for a while, when dad brought us an old used record player -- and tweeting one day (yes, tweeting) we discovered we were both interested in listening to music, the vintage way.  It shouldn't have come as such a surprise to me that we both preferred records - but I guess the random way we discovered our common interest was through such a random, trivial manner was what was so foreign to me.  Anyway - the records we purchased were phenomenal,  I probably won't find them again for a million years.  I'm very happy we did what we did - and to know how personalized and descriptive this music has become for our identities.
The only thing though, as I mentioned before, I wish we could have "grown up" a little sooner, or met each other a little younger, so we could have done activities like these, or others that have to do, when we were younger.  Not that we're terribly old now, but - I feel like now we're running out of time.

'Tis alright however, we'll be friends forever, and none of this will matter or make any sense to either of us at all when we're on the road touring. xx

Stupid hipsters, can't even form a line right :/

16 April, 2011

The Event Horizon

A Million Dollars in Vinyls

Photography courtesy of : Andrew Morales
Edited by: Scotch Corduroy

The voice of the People:

Vinyls in Bleeker

Pescador de Hombres

                                                                        You didn't leave, 
you just stepped into Coduroy's photo.

I like to add noise and a vintage feel to my photos

The first blossoms of the season.  
New York City

13 April, 2011

Sing it out loud!!


I was looking through my subscriptions in my Bloglovin' page and I stumbled upon what made me want to get up and bake cupcakes right now.  I am in love, in love, with these little cupcake liners!  ESPECIALLY THE LEOPARD PRINT ONES!! I had to hold my face and control my facial expressions when I saw them.

The owner of the The Cupcake Princess blog presents these with such an artistic form, it's fantastic.
She mentions these adorable little cupcakes as clothes for her cupcakes!!! LOVE IT!!
I was rooting for her when she was on Cupcake Wars on the FoodNetwork and of course she won!!!
(I was so excited for her).

Click here to check out the Princess' blog!
& here to find out how to enter her contest!

Between Yesterday & Today:

A speaker came to one of my classes, I don't even know his name (I was late to class yesterday, as I am always - for some reason I can never get to that class on time, no matter how early I leave), anyway - this guy was reading a poem when I walked in.  He was reading Emily Dickinson I believe.  And he was explaining about the structure and the dedication in her poems.  He was so passionate and intense about what he was talking about.  The form he moved his hands made me fall in love with his aura.  He must be a professor or something, or maybe a poetry expert perhaps?  Our professor mentioned his expertise in poetry, so he had to be a scholar of some sort.  He was 34, but looked about 28 with a thin American Eagle-ish yellow button up shirt with a white undershirt with gray high water slacks, orange socks and black TOMS shoes (or at least they looked like TOMS shoes to me).  His blond hair was very well combed and gelled parted to the side with a little rise in the front.  He looked like a gentleman that had fallen out of the Romance Era and had fallen on a yellow cab that took him to my class.  It's but strange, that he, out of all people, he, presented me with who I think will be added to my list of favorite poets.  The conviction in his words, and how he read poetry off the page (so loud so stern and so proud) he gave me shivers.  The poems he selected for his presentation brought a lump to my throat because of their intensity.  That had to be one of my favorite classes in my entire life as a student in that college (and I wanna say, pretty much ever).  I was so tired that morning too, I was really close to not going to class, I was feeling sick and didn't want to deal with anything - something in me however dragged me out of my bed into the shower, and eventually out the door.  I love classes like that, classes that reassure me that I'm on the right track, that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life.  I loved it, I absolutely loved it.  That class made me fall in love with my major all over again.


10 April, 2011

I want a million friends

Specially more artists that ridiculously ooze cool.

Music Makers
Day Breakers
Word Shakers
Bread Bakers
Photo Takers
Vinyl Scrapers

bring it


Hello Kitty is not just an icon, its a way of life

Photo Credit: unknown photographer

09 April, 2011

Cool Summer Night

Young babes back in 2007

I love love looking at our old photos.  There's nothing that I love doing more that looking through our old photo albums.
haha. Back when myspace was cool, back when we took hundreds of photos daily, back when pink bows were in, and dreaming was possible. <3333

My baby sister & myself in the glowie light of the sun on a ferry ride. (2007)

I really enjoy this trip down memory lane

My old blogs (I actually deleted my 2010 blog)
but here are my 2008 & 2009 blogs -- awww
I was but 19 or 20 when I started hardcore blogging <3

http://desidiscodoll.livejournal.com/ (2009)

http://desireedespair.livejournal.com/ (2008)

08 April, 2011

There's hope after all in the city of Devils

I found this message outside Hunter.  Everyone just stepped over it, ignored it, and the chalk against the concrete just sat there - waiting for the rain to wash it away.  I swear this message was left for me, I mean, no one else noticed it - no one.  Now, I have to become my dream.  Doctor's orders.

Thanks Dr. De La Vega :]

02 April, 2011

My mind was blown ... where it is now, I don't really know

I'm amused, but not entirely.  Friday's over, and I did nothing.  I have these false memories of an older me, that went on tour with my sick band - and my recollections of greatness boggle my mind.  I haven't done much though - a published article on woman's online magazine means less than a number in the negatives.  I'm a writer, why aren't I writing?  I'm a lover, why aren't I loving? I'm a musician, why aren't I making music? I'm a dancer, why aren't I dancing?  I'm so much more that I am physically capable of being - but I'm not being.  'Tis only in the almost forgotten words of poets, and the melodies of songs from the underground sounds that I once again feel like myself.  I discovered that this actor, (a visually romantic actor that represents the difference between a good movie, and an excellent one) has a project - about collaborations, creations, and color.  It's a new art form, because it doesn't only create, it re-creates, and re-creates, eventually helping something evolve into its greatest potential.  According to the video on his website, if he enjoys the idea enough - he would use his connections to turn it into something real - something that can reach, and possibly change many people.  I think (I feel) that there can possibly be an opportunity here to have some of my art exposed, and maybe hear some new ideas on other things that I could create.  This could be the "something great to create" I was waiting for.  And, it can provide (depending) the opportunity to work with someone very special.  I am specially in love with his ability to want to help - with the stardust his hands leave behind when he touches an idea.  Today, after hearing that I'm a pretentious bitch because I thoroughly enjoy art history, obscure philosophy, and because I talk with my hands - (that's a load of shit), and during poetry class today, I was told to try not to put so much of my personal input in the poem by another student (someone I was totally not expecting to talk to me like that by the way - our of all people I would think he'd understand)- anyway - I just do what I like, and I can care less about everything else.

I like to dress amazing, and smell like a piece of candy.
I like dark quirky sunglasses and fuchsia lipstick.
I enjoy the security of having my favorite rosary in my bag.
I like cigarettes during coffee while talking to my best friend
about unpopular bands that make great music
(and then attempting to recreate their art with his equipment).
Listen, nothing else matters, nothing else matters but the moments
that you get to be alive -- enjoy it -- fuck errrone & errthang else.
Keep your cool. Always.

I'd very much like to watch Hesher -
I'd like to form a brand new opinion about something new.

Click here to read about Hesher