31 May, 2011

First time in like 6 years

I had nothing, nothing to do today.
I was so relaxed the entire day, which by the way seemed forever.
(It could have been the summer-like long day, but it was the longest day of my life).
It's still not over, it's only 6:30pm.

I start my last semester of school tomorrow.
I wonder how that's gonna go -- I have to wake up crazy early to assure
my place in one of the classes that i have to sign up for last minute ...
my last semester

my last... semester.

24 May, 2011

Billy Shakes

I think, from all the movies I watched as a kid, this is one of the very few I still hold the dearest.
For more than one reason its (in my opinion) one of the best "play-to-film" productions.
I think it shaped my way of thinking, 
somehow it influenced me in ways I didn't even realized until recently.
"Either I or thou or both must go with him"

23 May, 2011


telephone by fabio.mor
telephone, a photo by fabio.mor on Flickr.

Grimsvotn Volcano

erupts in Iceland 21 may 2011 22.30 GMT

You should have seen me yesterday

I got soooo much done! I actually completed the very first physical mock up for my magazine -
and I was sooooo (omgsh) sssoooooo proud - this thing is like my child haha
I created this, I MADE THIS.

It's no where near completed, but it's the very gist of what the final product would look like,
and Ms. Sarah Saturday gave me such great advice on what to do next!
She's such a chill person, I wish we were friends in like real life.

Lets see what's going to happen with all this though.
I want to take a photo and put it on here, but what am I supposed to take a photo of?
The outside of the portfolio? haha ... what are you gonna see? black? lol
It's alright though, it's done so I'm going to go around showing it to everyone.

My mama laughed at me,
my papa didn't care ...

but I'll make it though,
one day,
and I'll make them eat their words.


19 May, 2011

Vintage Rotary Telephone

Vintage Rotary Telephone by folk city
Vintage Rotary Telephone, a photo by folk city on Flickr.

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Vintage child with cat.

Vintage child with cat. by pollyanna.uk
Vintage child with cat., a photo by pollyanna.uk on Flickr.

I think I've made a decision

I think I'm going to implement certain "new" different items to my wardrobe.
I sorta want to change my "look" but not entirely.  I still want to feel like me, but I want
this change as a sign of the change of times.  I want other things,
to also become part of me, though in the past I have sensed them as impractical.
 I've accepted the fast changing world around me, and I've embraced it,
I've decided to age gracefully.  So, for this new change of mind - I need a change.

I get it now, and I've decided that from now on ... I'm going to live.


18 May, 2011

Some days are just gray

Today was the last day of classes.
Funny, because it honestly doesn't really feel like the last of the semester.
I've been waiting for this day for weeks,
and more than happy - the entire school day experience was very nostalgic
for some reason.  Listened to some vinyls before leaving, took a few photographs,
some croissants and coffee for breakfast ... showered and applied bright red lipstick ...
Nothing out of the ordinary -- but I guess you can't really miss anything until you don't
have it anymore right?

I was really late ... like extra late.
The latest I've ever been to a class in my life.
And I still have to talk to a few professors about a class & "apply" for graduation.
But at least, at least I paid my tuition in full today for the summer session ...
and I won't have to worry about that for a while.

This "project/plan" is approaching, and I'm getting more and more angsty.
I have to work on a few final projects, go out to a play with my extended family ...
then to a "meeting" at the end of the week.  Not too shabby for a random week in May ...
just odd is all.

... and rainy.


Anchored by Zhong @ Peisqo
Anchored, a photo by Zhong @ Peisqo on Flickr.

15 May, 2011

Jardin Flambeau by lissyloola
Jardin Flambeau, a photo by lissyloola on Flickr.

Ich habe so viel Deutsch gelernt durch dieses Jahren.
Es ist die beste nicht, aber ich liebe, dass ich "weiß" die Sprache.

Ich hoffe, das ich nie vergessen -
Ich will nach Deutschland zu gehen, so kann ich wirklich
dieses neue Talent entwickeln 

...aber wir werden sehen, schließlich - ich habe Zeit.

Ich weiß nicht, ob dieser Grammatik völlig korrekt ist,
also bitte nicht über mich lachen!
Exploding lamp? by lissyloola
Exploding lamp?, a photo by lissyloola on Flickr.

Jardin Flambeau

Jardin Flambeau by -RobW-
Jardin Flambeau, a photo by -RobW- on Flickr.

...so close to the end of classes, for this semester -
I'm very excited ... so many good things are going to happen after!!
The rest of this year is going to be so amazing!

... don't want to say more -
don't want to ruin the suspense :]

09 May, 2011

My favorite poem?(perhaps if not,very high on my list)

In the Desert

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, "Is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter – bitter", he answered,
"But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart."

                                                                                                   -Stephen Crane 

Photography Afternoon

Arnold Böcklin, Le calme de la mer (1887)

Found this randomly -- I've been dying for one of those little faux furs for years :/
When I get a job next I guess :]

photo credit: unknown photographer

07 May, 2011


Why isn't this my life!
I love this commercial so much, if I were to ever make a commercial,
this ... this would be it. It's absolutely gorgeous

06 May, 2011

Este documental se pasa!

Like a forgotten memory

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

                                                         an excerpt from:
                                               The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

a poem by T.S. Eliot

01 May, 2011

Of course ...

I feel eternally hurt;
my brother says there's no reason to, the reason why I feel so blown away and depressed,
is caused by a "better camera".  I found this girl, her blog I mean, and she leads the life that I want.
Literally, she has the friends I want, she looks the way I do (furthermore, would like to), lives in
a place where I would want to, has enormous talent with photography, and I bet writing too, because
of the way she exposes her blog (it's in another language, so I really can't read much).

Looking at her blog, I felt like laying in bed all day, because there's just no reason to get up and out.
I've never come across anyone like her, and now, now all I want is that -


Yellow Balloons

yellow balloons. by amanda. m. jansson.
yellow balloons., a photo by amanda. m. jansson. on Flickr.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance by Matt Vogel
My Chemical Romance, a photo by Matt Vogel on Flickr.